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Listrak Recommender introduced as omnichannel personalization engine

Listrak Recommender was introduced a few days ago. Listrak has dubbed it its ‘omnichannel personalization engine’. The new Listrak Recommender

Facebook retires email service

It was recently announced that Facebook retires email service  (as part of the new Facebook Messages). It was launched in

Kickstarter celebrates $1 billion pledged milestone

How to celebrate a milestone when you are one of the most well-known crowdfunding sites? Kickstarter celebrates the impressive milestone

Gmail Shelfie, an elaborate April Fool's joke

Yesterday the Gmail Shelfie April Fool’s joke was pretty elaborate. The Gmail team introduced the Shelfie, or the shareable selfie.

Unsubscribe hassle: prevent it, or get burned

Every person using email (which is about half of the global population) has come across it. An obnoxious unsubscribe hassle.

Merge by MailChimp introduced

Merge has been released by MailChimp in the Chrome  Web Store. Merge by MailChimp makes it easy to send email directly

Email marketing infographic 2014 snapshot

DMNews has posted an email marketing infographic which offers a snapshot of the current state of email marketing. The infographic

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