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Litmus Community launched

The people over at Litmus have launched Litmus Community. It is meant for all Litmus users to discuss email marketing

Email comic: entrepreneur fail – established tech company

Here’s an email comic from entrepreneur fail. Have you ever come across a very serious sounding (tech) company and came

Return Path Inbox Preview service updated

The Return Path Inbox Preview service has been updated. Just like the Litmus email previews service, the Return Path Inbox

Scentee: smell email and other alerts on smartphone

Tired of all those pings and tunes when you get a new email alert from your smartphone? Scentee steps in

DMA UK posts national client email report 2013

The national client email report 2013 has been announced by The DMA in the UK. The report contains the results of

IBM Mail Next: the next gen webmail client

Recently at the IBM Connect event in Florida, the new IBM Mail Next webmail client was launched. The new webmail

New Listrak website launched

The new Listrak website has been launched today. The retail email marketing company has chosen a more dynamic approach over

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