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Litmus Image Check introduced, checks images before sending

The people over at Litmus have introduced Image Check, a tool to check your email for broken or slow-loading images

Inbox launched by Google, an evolution from Gmail

Google has launched Inbox, a new way of handling email. It has been developed by the people behind Gmail, but

Microsoft rejects handing over emails stored overseas

PCMag reports that Microsoft rejects handing over emails stored overseas in Ireland. A New York judge ordered the email data

Email comic: we must be on a mailing list

Have you ever had the feeling your email address had landed on the ‘wrong’  mailing list? These guys in this

German anti-stress law in the making that bans work email and phone calls outside office hours

In Germany, it’s already common at a few employers to not receive any work email and/or phone calls outside office

Morning Mail app for iOS: one email at a time

The Morning Mail app is a new app for iOS that promises one email at a time. For now, the

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