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New MailChimp coming in June: responsive, more efficient

Recently the MailChimp blog has been updated with the news that a new MailChimp will be coming in June. The

Gmail action buttons: making email more interactive

Gmail action buttons are here! The post on the official Gmail blog notes that people use email to get things

Aweber design update: interface gets a revamp

On June 5th, an Aweber design update will be rolled out on its platform. The new design is intended to

New Gmail interface leaked, tabbed webmail client

During a Google I/O session recently it seems the new Gmail interface was leaked. Be it accidental or on purpose,

Lead Generation Card from Twitter: from tweet to email signup

Social can’t live without email, and the newly announced Lead Generation Card from Twitter shows some email love. This is

New email client Mailbox for iPad now available

Mailbox for iPad is now available from the App store. It’s the email client with the waiting list, remember? It

Yesterbox: a to-do list from yesterdays inbox

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, has developed a new technique handling email that he calles the Yesterbox technique. The

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