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Dropbox acquires Mailbox, matching email to cloud storage

The Dropbox blog has been updated with the news that Dropbox acquires Mailbox, the new style email app. It helps

Google Keep launched – save notes for later

Google Keep has been launched by Google, allowing you to save notes and tasks for later. Notes you create are

Inbox overload: Atos notes employees can spend up to two days a week on email

The BBC has posted a video on their website about inbox overload. In this case, the first part of the

Gmail app for Android updated, reply and search faster

The Gmail app for Android has recently been updated to allow for faster searching, archiving and replying. These actions will

Spam volume up big time: 64% increase in one month

Global spam volume has seen a big increase in February over past months: Cisco’s Senderbase shows a rise of 64%

MailChimp updates terms and policies, makes it more readable

MailChimp has sent out an email to all of their users noting that the company has updated its terms and

Spamhaus hit by DDoS attack, not executed by Anonymous

Spamhaus, the well-known anti-spam DNS blacklist service, has been hit by a severe DDoS attack over the weekend. Users have

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