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A modern redesign of the email client: .Mail app for Mac

When it comes to concepts of new email clients, .Mail app for Mac (dotMail) is one of the most beautiful

Check out Sanebox: prevent inbox overload

Ever heard about Sanebox? It is intended to make you a better emailer and prevent inbox overload. Their explanatory blog

Google expands Gmail search integration with more results

Google is expanding its Gmail search integration with more results. This time, the update includes receipts as well as hotel

MailChimp Gather introduced, SMS for events

One of MailChimp’s latest introductions has been the MailChimp Gather app: it’s meant as a means of communcating with event

Event: Email Evolution Conference 2013 Feb 6 – Feb 8 Florida

The Email Experience Council is organizing the 2013 Email Evolution Conference event: this year to be held in Fontainbleau Hotel, Miami Beach,

Unlock The Inbox acquires MailCounter, share content via email badge

Unlock The Inbox has acquired MailCounter from The Next Web, a badge for websites that allows visitors to share content

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