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MailChimp updates platform to v7.9: search filters, my campaigns, more

MailChimp has announced on their blog that they’ve updated their platform to v7.9 last week. New and/or upgraded features include the following:

– setting subscriber language (and merge tags)
– my campaigns and favorites option in drag and drop editor
– new content block types to drag and drop editor: Footer and Image Card
– more powerful search filters for the search box

Screenshots of the MailChimp v7.9 update:

Here’s a few screenshots showing the new/updated features:

My campaigns and favorites:


New drag and drop modules:


Expanded search with search filters:


The release also contains the following minor updates:

  • A little while ago, we removed “back and next” buttons from our bottom navigation during campaign creation. That frustrated the heck out of a lot of people. So we added them back.
  • Updated “sent” activity in subscriber profiles to include campaign type, A/B Split + Autoresponder campaigns, A/B Split group, RSS parent campaign info, multiple auto-sends if we have them, note about 100 more recent events.
  • Mobile tab/options will appear for user-uploaded templates (when applicable) and they’ll get a little “mobile” icon/badge.
  • API timestamps: added GMT notation to existing times displayed and the ability to hover and see the time in account default.
  • PHP date formatting can now be added to *|RSSITEM:DATE|* and merge tags.
  • Added an extra $category parameter in FEEDITEMS merge tags.
  • Relabeled the “greater than/less than” options when segmenting by custom date field. Will now show “is after” or “is before” instead.
  • More visibility into API error codes in user accounts (hover over the error code to get an explanation)

Check out more details on the release on their blog here.



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