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Email marketing inspiration sub-site launched by MailChimp

MailChimp has created a new sub-site at with a vertical gallery promising some email marketing inspiration with the tagline

Email marketing volume up 10% in Q2 2012 compared to Q2 2011

Email marketing is one area of online marketing that doesn’t seem to be affected by any form of recession or

Email comic: Enter your email address

How many times have you had to enter your email address twice for registration, verification, security check, whatever? It’s logical

Email marketing design winner: Google Analytics

It might seem odd (or easy) to choose a non-promotional, non-retail email as this time’s email marketing design winner, but

Quality matters in email marketing: be excellent in every step

When I check out some email marketing campaigns, even ‘regular’ ones like newsletters, it is surprising how many little things

Email comic: we do email marketing?

If this has happened to you during talks with senior management, it’s time to educate them on your company’s email

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