Email Marketing Design Week: Gucci

Gucci has very recently sent out a message combining two important things in email marketing design: purpose and aesthetics. The below email has a very simple purpose: showing the Jackie bags style, with good design and a cool animation.

Here’s the email, with subject line ‘Icons of Heritage: the Jackie’:


Consistent color style, quality product photography -and- a subtle product animation (see below): it’s all there. The text content fits in nicely with telling a little bit of the history. Here’s the animated bag:

Animated Gucci Bag

I wonder why it’s not done more often, for products that could use it: just flip them around in 3 or 4 frames. It helps in getting a sense of the product without having to go to a website to view it 360 degrees (or multiple photos).

On the one hand, marketers want clickthroughs, but on the other hand: why not drive people to your offline shops? Who knows, they might buy more than just a bag.

Furthermore, the email clients not supporting animated gifs (Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010) are mostly used in the corporate world, while this is clearly a B2C email. So the larger part of the audience for this email would be able to see the animation: great success!


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