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Interview with Get Fractal founder Abs Farah

The following interview is with Abs Farah: one of the founders of Get Fractal, a UK company dedicated to making

Google acquires Sparrow, crew joins Gmail team

Sparrow, the email app for Mac and iPhone, has been acquired by Google. Their site notes this in an announcement.

Botnet pushing out 18% of all spam taken offline

A botnet known as ‘Grum‘, responsible for sending out 18% of all spam has been taken offline by Atif Mushtaq

Google launches Gmail SMS in selected African countries

The official Google Africa blog reports that the company has launched a new service called Gmail SMS in Africa. The countries

Return Path launches ISP anti-phishing program with AOL,Yahoo and others

Return Path, the email marketing certification and reputation monitoring company, has launched a new ISPs anti-phishing program together with a

WhichTestWon posts 2012 Email Test Awards Hall of Fame

The people over at have posted their 2012 Email Test Awards Hall of Fame. It includes no less than

Email comic: Reply all

Today features a less serious post, with an email comic. When was the last time you accidentally used Reply All?

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