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Gmail users now number 425 Million, becomes most used webmail service

After the news that Chrome has become the most used browser on the planet (with 310 million users), Gmail has

Announcement: Email Marketing Design Week

Next week we’ll be doing something special: it’s email marketing design week here at We will feature quite some

Ongage: improving micro-deliverability to maximize inbox placement

Recently Ongage announced a new solution to maximize inbox placement using multiple ESPs. The overall reputation of an ESP can

Timing is everything…or not?

For a while, there has been the assumption of certain sweet spot moments per day to send out an

Apple releases iOS 6: ready for the VIP Mailbox?

The new iOS 6 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch was previewed during Apple’s WWDC keynote on Monday, which now

Preview: new Metro-style Hotmail interface leaked

The people over at have gotten their hands on some hi-res screenshots of the new Hotmail interface, which Metro-style