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Social loves email. Case in point: Pinterest

In case you haven’t noticed: social loves email. All those social networks need one thing to stay alive: traffic. To

Email as primary marketing channel, not a last resort

Just recently I heard about a company that quit their email marketing for a very strange reason: business was doing

Email marketing design winner: Anthropologie uses reading directions

It’s been a while since we’ve covered using reading directions in email marketing: the last one was from GAP in

Fusion Marketing Experience event: speakers group photo

As the other post of day 2 cannot be updated anymore (but is still available here to read), I’m posting

Event report: Fusion Marketing Experience 2012 Antwerp – Day 2

Today is the second day of the Fusion Marketing Experience event here in Antwerp. Yesterday (of which you can find

Event report: Fusion Marketing Experience 2012 Antwerp – Day 1

Here we are at the third edition of Fusion Marketing Experience, for the second time in Antwerp. This time it’s