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Email marketing design winner: Urban Outfitters

This week’s email marketing design winner is Urban Outfitters design of the Kaleidoscope dress email: The email keeps the site

Interview with Ben Chestnut, MailChimp co-founder

We keep the interviews going! This time we’re  not featuring a startup email marketing company, but a quite well known

Handiemail: send your emails in handwritten form

Handiemail is a new service from a creative studio in Chicago called Knoed which will handwrite your emails and send

Newsflash: Hotmail breaks special characters

According to several sources (which will be posted at bottom of this post), Hotmail breaks special characters and turns them

Email marketing design winner: Sephora new website introduction with animation

This week’s email marketing design winner is Sephora’s new website launch intro email, which includes a nice animation. The animation

Interview: Fluent – workflow style email stream

In this third installment we have conducted an email interview with Cameron Adams of Fluent, a new workflow style email

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