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Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad: no email conversion optimization?

How would you go about introducing a new product in the Photoshop family if you were Adobe’s marketing department sending

Informz email marketing benchmark report: relevancy, not timing, is key

Informz, an email service provider for associations and non-profits, has published their annual association email marketing benchmark report. One of site redesign launched!

After a bit over a year and a half with the original design, it was time to give the

Email marketing design winner: Dell XPS Ultrabook

It seems that some electronics brands are getting the point of beautiful email marketing design. Take for instance a recent

Helping Klout improve its email marketing score

Yes, Klout is having a bit of a low email marketing score, probably about 10 or 20 if we use

Vocus buys iContact for $169 Million

The news has been announced that Vocus, a cloud-based marketing and PR software company, has acquired iContact for $169 Million

Should I send this email? Here’s a way to decide

Heads up! This post is not just for email marketers but for every single one of you sending email. That

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