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Gmail now at 350 Million users, set to beat Hotmail as no.1 used webmail service

Recently Google’s CEO Larry Page shared some milestones during the company’s 2011 earnings conference call. One of the most interesting numbers shared was that the Gmail webservice now has 350 million users. This is a big jump from the 260 million people that were using Gmail back in October 2011, just 3 months ago.

The most recent number of Hotmail users is from March 2010 which sits at 369 million users, expectations are that that number has grown since then, but not by much.

A quote from Larry Page during the earnings call:

From the start, Gmail had security, accessibility–you can get all your email from anywhere, on any device–and insane storage made it a winner with consumers, business and education. From an internal beta project eight years ago, I’m proud to tell you today that Gmail now has more than 350M active users–and it’s growing rapidly!

Despite the Hotmail team working hard to roll out new features, the march of Gmail to become the number one webmail service worldwide in terms of total number of users seems unstoppable.

The exact reasons for Gmail’s fast growth are not known, but my guess is that both the introduction of Google+ (now at 90 million users) and a maturing webmail audience has been helping a lot.


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19 thoughts on “Gmail now at 350 Million users, set to beat Hotmail as no.1 used webmail service

  1. Kelly Lornz

    Hey Remy,

    Thanks for posting this. I personally think Gmail may already be #1 in terms of actual usage. That’s my thinking when Hotmail is considered to have the most throw-away or junk email addresses and Gmail the most primary, valid ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, anyway.


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