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Atos banning internal email for 74,000 employees

French tech firm Atos has started to implement a new policy where its 70,000+ employees will not send and receive

Cutting edge technology vs tried practices

As you may have noticed I try to give some coverage on new technology and techniques in email marketing on

Top ten email subject lines for 2012

Yes, everyone’s busy with the holidays – Santa is knocking, right? And it isn’t even December, yet. However, you as

Facebook hires MailRank team, Messages services getting update

In a blog post on their website the MailRank team notes that they have been hired by Facebook effective this

Email winner: Special mobile email webshop promo by dELiA*s

When you want to keep in touch with your audience, you have to make sure you are seen on the

Microsoft announces Outlook Hotmail connector

In a post called ‘10 reasons to switch to Hotmail‘ on the Inside Windows Live blog, Dick Craddock announces the

Interview: hot startup Movable Ink about live email content

Recently the New York-based company Movable Ink has been getting a lot of press: rightfully so imho because they have

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