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Celebrating one year of

Launching on August 31st, 2010 was meant to be ‘my own place online’ to write about stuff related to

Email design winner: Piperlime with animated header

Back from time off, the email winner series now includes the Piperlime email below. It features some cool photography wrapped

Contrast and readability in email marketing

Reading the content of email marketing communications can be a pain sometimes. This can be caused by several factors: font

An email marketing strategy: think big, but not too big

As such, an email marketing strategy should be part of your total marketing strategy, which in turn is part of

Email clients as cars – a comparison part 2

After the huge success of the previous post (see here if you haven’t seen it yet), here’s the second installment

The webmail war is on, it seems

In case you haven’t noticed, the webmail war seems to be on. Via various strategies the big guys (mainly Microsoft

Email insight: how to lose your spam tag

As soon as my girlfriend tells people what I do for a living, people start saying ‘oh he’s a spammer’

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