Email news: Washington Post Jobs hacked, 1,27M email addresses exposed, design for touch

After many big launches in the social media world, including Google+ and Facebook’s Skype-powered video chat the dust is now settling and everyone is wondering: do we need another social network? Time will tell 🙂

From the email world there’s news too: see the most recent bits and bytes below.

Corporate news / blogs

Bronto: Top ten tactics to grow your list
Campaign Monitor: Coming monday huge editor update and new template language
Lyris: Stellar subject lines: 10 rules that get results (resource download)

Email designs / webmail clients / browsers

Hotmail: New app-like Outlook features added to Hotmail
Litmus: A guide to validating HTML for email
Email on acid: Hotmail no longer supports image maps

Deliverability / (anti) spam / security / law

The next web: Washington Post Jobs hacked, 1,27 million email addresses exposed


Emaildirect: Hold the phone – a look at designing for smartphones
Webdesignerwall: Make your HTML email 5,5 times more mobile friendly

Other email marketing news and posts

MediaPost EmailInsider: Online Retailers’ Email Marketing Report Card: D+ Average
InboxGroup: Email Marketing KSSS –  Keep Surveys Simple
The relevant marketer: Returns and exchanges – who needs paper anymore?
Email Institute: The rise of email retargeting

Social media vs email vs …

ClickZ: Social networks and Bacn: the good, bad and ugly by Simms Jenkins

And this just in from TechCrunch: MG Siegler says ‘I’m Quitting Email‘.

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