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Email insight: Engagement vs deliverability, how does one affect the other?

Recently I had a discussion with one of our deliverability experts about engagement vs deliverability. Rumors were that if subscriber

Email insight: crowded inboxes of the future

Over half a year ago I wrote a post on crowded inboxes in preparation for the holiday season. Now that

Email news: mobile messaging, GMail ads, geolocations, zombie email addresses

According to a new research study by ReturnPath, email is on the move shifting no less than 16% of its

Email winner: Threadless

Disclaimer: I love Threadless tshirts. But when it comes to email, I’m critical, even when it’s about Threadless. Nevertheless the

Email news: email design recs, subject line testing, Facebook Messages

After some vacation time we’re back. This time with the evolution of email, email being very much alive and subject