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Visitor survey: what do you think of

After just over half a year of running this blog I thought it was time to ask you, the visitors

Email news: ExactTarget & ReturnPath join forces, GMail Smart Labels, Tonecheck

Corporate news Bizreport – Responsys partners with Adobe for audience insights Campaign Monitor – It’s Like That – Facebook integration

Future of email marketing part 1 – Mobile

In this first of a three post series I will take a look at the future of email marketing, which

Email winner: Bare necessities lingerie mailing

This week’s email marketing winner is from Bare Necessities, a (mostly) underwear company for men and women fashion. The winner

Email news: blocklists, Spamhaus, email marketing census and permission

This weeks email news is mostly centered around blocklists/spam, permission, open rates and the state of the email marketing industry

Losing a bet, no HTML5 email in webmail clients

Last year in August I made a bet with Anna Yeaman that as of March 1st 2011 (which would be

Email winner: Simple shoes welcomes spring

In this first episode of email winners/failures, it’s time to highlight the design of Simple Shoes. They are a company

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