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Since the launch of this blog (way back in August last year which feels like forever) several areas of email

Style Campaign shows off Dynamic Image Server tech

Just a few days ago, Anna Yeaman of Style Campaign posted an update on their blog about DIS tech, or

Return Path launches Domain Assurance, an anti-phishing service

The email deliverability company Return Path has announced a new service called Domain Assurance which should help companies to aid

Google Chrome 10 Beta released, faster than ever

Late last week the first version of Google Chrome 10 was released as beta. According to the post on the

Valentine's Day: email seductions

Valentine’s Day is now behind us, and on that day I did a special check on my email accounts whether

The youth and email: a maturing relationship?

Back in the days when I was running a pirate radio station, still in high school and talked mostly about

The Science of Email Marketing webinar takeaways

Yesterday Dan Zarrella, a social media scientist of Hubspot, presented the webinar called ‘The Science of Email Marketing‘. He normally

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