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Happy Holidays and New Year wishes from

After no less than 52 posts published (yeah, I was surprised by the sheer number) in the past four months

Canadian anti-spam bill C-28 passes into law

On the 15th of December the Canadian Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA), Bill C-28, was passed as law

Hotmail introduces interactive email using Active Views

Hotmail and a few pilot partners have introduced interactive email using Active Views, as noted on their Windows Live blog.

I really need to talk to HP about email frequency

Yes, seriously. Sending one email a day sounds like fun, but receiving it? Not so sure. Have a look: Since

Take mobile seriously? Probably, cause iPhones account for 7% of opens

Yes, the people over at dotDigitalBlog have noted in a blog post that no less than 7% of email opens

Google launches email cloud service Message Continuity

A lot of Google/GMail news in recent days: first the Priority Inbox update and now Message Continuity. It’s a corporate

GMail posts Priority Inbox update: faster learning, explaining priority reasons

In an update on the GMail blog, the GMail engineers tell how the past three months have been since the

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