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Facebook launches new multichannel Messages system

After the invite reported last week for the event today at 10AM Pacific Time in San Francisco, Facebook has launched

Hermès: a fruitful animation

Hermès, the famous French fashion house, delighted me recently with a beautiful subtly animated email. The graphic inside is animated

Facebook announcing email service Nov 15th?

The people over at TheNextWeb received an invite from Facebook for an announcement: it had them puzzled because recently the

Hotmail gets more secure: full https sessions

On the Windows Live team blog it is noted that Hotmail security has been improved to include optional full https

Hotmail, Cisco, ReturnPath, Yahoo sued for blocking email

Two months ago Dela Quist posted on about a class action lawsuit waiting to happen: this is because certain

Barnes & Noble: unsubscribe niceness

An unsubscribe is never nice: it’s like breaking up a relationship. The way some companies facilitate the unsubscribe process however

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