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Return Path hit by phishing attack

Return Path has noted on their In The Know blog late last week that they’ve been hit by a phishing

Litmus posts early preview of Facebook Messages

Two days ago Paul from the Litmus-team (the email-test guys) posted some preview screens of Facebook Messages: he got his

Toy Story 3 in email: it's animated allright

Upon posting by Anna Yeaman from Stylecampaign, I couldn’t resist on putting this in the spotlight. It’s a beautifully designed

I've landed in the spam folder! What now?

Well not you yourself hopefully, but your email campaign actually. It happens to the best of the bunch, even to

I'm in yer Facebook, going Postmaster on yer emails

When introducing the new Facebook Messages system last week, Mark Zuckerberg pressed on that it would not be an email

Holiday season pt2: art of persuasion

After the previous post three weeks ago about the holiday season mentioning crowded inboxes, here’s a followup to that post. 

H&M slipup: there is no content (but later there is)

Yesterday a tweet by the eROI people (hi guys!) caught my attention: it stated that H&M made quite a slipup

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