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Poll added – what's your favourite part of email marketing?

After thinking what was still missing on I thought of the polls: always nice to have some insight in

Email Standards: Outlook 2011 to use Webkit as render engine

The Email Standards Project blog posted some big news (if true) yesterday: Outlook 2011 will be using Webkit as render

Win an iPad! aka subject line creativity drying up?

I must have seen that subject line hundreds of times recently, and not just professionally speaking: also in my personal

Dell: we come in peace (subject line)

Subject lines are all important: they persuade the receiver to open your email or not. If you manage to come

Help, I've received spam from $company! What to do now?

Seems this week is spam week after yesterday’s GMail/Yahoo’s spam filter post, but it doesn’t matter: spam is (sadly) part

GMail, Yahoo web mail spam filters gone crazy?

From various people (which I will quote later on) I’ve seen mentions that their or other’s email campaigns have recently

Chanel: if only she would move…

Chanel sent out an email yesterday including a 700px wide shot of a model showing off Chanel products including nail

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