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Ralph Lauren: Informer – change of address

Ralph Lauren has very nicely designed emails, but they use the (pre) header text very well too.  This time something

Beautiful email designs – Highlighted!

On I try to highlight beautiful email designs, but I’m only one guy: I can’t see them all. Would

Video in email: is HTML5 the saviour?

Up until now, video in email meant going through a lot of trouble for you as the sender: it means

Google Wave continues as Wave in a Box

Recently Google Wave was pronounced dead, or at least, the project will shut down at the end of the year.

Hotmail's new metrics: a changing email landscape

Last Wednesday George Bilbrey, President of Return Path, posted an insight into the future of email deliverability on MediaPost. Specifically

Coca-Cola brings animated bubbles

Already being one of the best known Priority brand names worldwide, how can you do your marketing even better? The

Text email is not dead: Travelzoo shows the way

Receiving an email from Travelzoo recently, they showed how text emails are surely cheap mlb jerseys not dead yet. The

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